Haz SSBB. So far it seems like an amazing iteration.

My friend code for the wi-fisetup is 3952-6698-6775. People should add me.
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When I think pirates, I think healthy fetuses

So .75 cups of Cap'n Crunch has 100% of your daily recommended dose of folic acid. A decent bowl of the stuff has around 300%.

What is folic acid good for you ask? Mostly developing babies. It helps in cell reproduction, and staves off quite a few developmental problems with babies.

So I got me some Cap'n Crunch with New Pirate Crunchberries for my health. I guess pirates eat mostly Xs, little feet, anchors, and sharks as those are my crunchberry shapes. Nummy.
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Pet peeve of the day

I really hate it when people typographically elongate a word by repeating the WRONG letter. Sure. It's an imperfect art, but sometimes is should be obvious. Likkkke hereeeeee.
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A warning for those without any roots planted in the soils of science and skepticism

I know I have alot of crafty friends who have crafty friends, so I feel I should tell you all a little secret about making crafts by melting old records in your oven.

Records are made of PVC, polyvinyl chloride.

When they are heated to the point of plasticity (when you can shape them) they release dioxins and vinyl chloride monomers into the air. I can't seem to find the chemical structure of vinyl records, but they may also be releasing pthalate plasticizers.

All of those things are carcinogens and can lead to immune system depression and some other problems.

If you plan on doing more than one or two of these damn crafts, never use the oven in question to prepare food ever again.

Thank you.
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Balance is important

But nobody likes balance. Balance is boring.

So we have diversity?

Diversity is a balanced mixture of extremes and greys, but ultimately diversity is balanced.

But diversity is hard, and we like convenience. So we balance diversity with convenience.

This is where Vespas come from. This is where retro-chic comes from.

Has anyone ever considered the fact the "professional" clothing essentially means "clothing with antiquated function"?

A tie's purpose is to cover your buttons, but we're perfectly capable of sewing clothes that cover their own buttons. Buttons' purpose is to make it possible to get into clothing that is somewhat form-fitting, but stretchy materials and knits make that a moot point. Will I someday look like a stuffy old man if I choose to stick with cotton T-shirts instead of the next great breakthrough in clothing convenience? Will I force my young employees to dress like me because I feel it gives an air of respectability to my business? Will they resent the two pairs of jeans and T-shirts that wouldn't even own if it wasn't for my dress code?

Was there a time when the Amish looked as retro-chic as hipsters instead of just plain silly?

Would I be cooler than people who still listen to vinyl records if I transfered all of my mp3s onto steel barrels with tiny protrusions that pluck tines when they are turned (music boxes)?

How did this post start with truths and end with questions? Several famous scientists have great quotes about how every truth discovered creates ten new questions. Do we really have that many more questions than cavemen did? I guess we do.

It is said that religions are popular because they answer those unanswerable questions. Would I be less irreligious if I had fewer questions? Could someone make a religions with alot more answers for me?

When I misspell a word, one of the options that firefox gives me is "add to dictionary", but when I choose that option it doesn't ask me for a definition.

I just had to add firefox to firefox's "dictionary". Oh wait... no.. it just wanted to be capitalized. Heh. What a self-righteous program.
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A very odd revelation

So... I have an extensive list of useless survivalist knowledge that could make me decently well off in an era before 1600ce. I'm pretty good at living in 2007. I have no clue how to survive in the in-between.

This revelation was caused by my credit/debit/check/ATM card. Every function but ATM stopped working, and I've been starving and misbudgetting for a week because of it. Today I suddenly thought "Oh! I know! I'll use the card to summon cash from the ATM. Then I can use cash to buy food! I'm a genius!"

"...No...Wait. I'm just spoiled by technology."

I would starve to death and die if a rip in time threw me into the seventies. How odd.

UPDATE: The ATM function only lets me deposit money. Truly, I am doomed.
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Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!

So I hear Jerry Falwell died.

Life is funny. I live in an apartment building. There are between 4 and 12 people within 50 feet of me right now, and I know almost nothing about what they're doing it or why or how, but the troubles and triumphs of households in Australia, Virginia, and across town ring loud in my head. I start to remeber what it was like back when "neighborhood" had social connotations, and I realize that I never had that. Movies and books just made me "remember" it like those were my good old days.
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